No, he’s not dead, and I hope he lives and goes on to recovery. That other elephant in the room, Michael Schumacher, never mentioned by me since his accident, is doing much better, according to Jean Todt who saw him. I’m so glad. It was a shock to start the year with that. I never liked the guy but he’s been in my thoughts every day. I never wrote because… It’s complicated. Maybe further down.


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I must be the only one among my friends who is happy that Scotland won’t secede.

I’m a proud Celt (among other things) and the glamour of freedom and folklore almost convinced me. I considered the advantages and was quite curious about what a possible independence would entail for Europe. Yeah, I’m a Europeist too, happy when we stand together, hopeful for our economy.

I was put off by the…

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ALASSIO http://wp.me/s2y84i-alassio

Sentita al supermercato, immediata crisi di lacrime.


Quando tornava mio padre sentivo le voci
Dimenticavo i miei giochi e correvo lì
Mi nascondevo nell’ombra del grande giardino
E lo sfidavo a cercarmi: io sono qui
Poi mi mi mettevano a letto finita la cena
Lei mi spegneva la luce ed andava via
Io rimanevo da solo ed avevo paura
Ma non chiedevo a nessuno:…

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Trolleys are the work of the devil.

There are only six dustbins in London.

British weather is British.

Alitalia boards at Terminal 4 at Heathrow. Nobody cares but it’s been a quite pressing issue for me lately.

You can pass controls at Heathrow with a pair of handcuffs in your bag.

The hotel sucked. Ask me for details.

Never go to London with your monthly. If it arrives on the first day, tough…

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Reduced to basics. I need safety and home, which are not the same thing. I’ll never find safety anywhere, unless within myself. This is a long process, lasted all my life, and lately I’ve had a good wake-up call, so there is a slight possibility that I might reach this safety one day.

Home is where I want to go back. In my worst moments, it’s the only place I would like to be. I would find a…

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THAMES http://wp.me/s2y84i-thames

There’s a river, Steve Winwood

here’s a river pouring
From a pure and a crystal stream
And it carries my heart along
Carries me all my life
And I know it will bring me home

There’s a choir singing
With a force that can light the sky
I will join with a voice deep inside
Anthems for joys gone by
And for joys, I am sure, will come

Golden treasure in the evening sky
It’s good to be alive

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She haunted many a low resort
Near the grimy road of Tottenham Court
She flitted about the No Man’s Land
From The Rising Sun, to The Friend at Hand
And the postman sighed as he scratched his head
You really ha’ thought she’d ought to be dead
And who would ever suppose that THAT
Was Grizabella, the Glamour Cat?

Grizabella, the Glamour Cat
Grizabella, the Glamour Cat
Who would ever suppose…

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STRENGTH http://wp.me/s2y84i-strength

Elusive thing surfacing at odd moments but absent when needed on a daily basis. To be nurtured with small acts of strength every day, without overdoing it. Can elicit shock when actually present. Causes extreme tiredness if not used to it.

When used correctly, might have the unusual side effect of strengthening personality, identity and self-image.

To be continued?

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LONDON http://wp.me/s2y84i-london

King’s Cross

The man at the back of the queue was sent
to feel the smack of firm government
Lingered by the fly poster for a fight
It’s the same story every night
I’ve been hurt and we’ve been had
You leave home and you don’t go back

Someone told me Monday, someone told me Saturday
Wait until tomorrow and there’s still no way
Read it in a book or write it in a letter
Wake up in the morning…

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I repeat, I won’t judge until I have more data, but this is RELEVANT:


Relevant sentence:

“1. At an early age, you start hating yourself. Often it’s because you were abused, or just grew up in a broken home, or were rejected socially, or maybe you were just weird or fat or … whatever. You’re not like the other kids, the other kids don’t seem to like you, and you can usually detect that…

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“One by one
Only the good die young
They’re only flying too close to the sun
Life goes on – without you…”
– Queen

There are people you realize how much you love them only after they’re gone. I learned of Robin Williams’ death today at lunch, a happy occasion at a local tavern which he would have liked. On TV they showed clips of a bunch of his movies and I was all, “Oh, I loved that one… oh, that…

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… dopo il terrore. Ieri sera il mio Bro mi ha detto che il mio post qui sotto non le era piaciuto. Ha ragione. Non è piaciuto neanche a me, come non mi è piaciuto trovarmici dentro. Ho dibattuto se toglierlo o renderlo privato, ma poi ho deciso di lasciarlo e usarlo come un’occasione per ragionarci e ancora una volta cercare il filo d’Arianna dentro il labirinto del mio cervello malridotto.

Per i…

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… Era un attacco di panico in diretta. Non c’è bisogno di ringraziarmi per il servizio.

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Cari amici del cosiddetto “rave itinerante a Milano”, spero che moriate tutti bruciati vivi, lentamente, dolorosamente, davanti ai vostri cari. Mi trema lo specchio in bagno, e sono dall’altra parte della strada e dall’altra parte della casa. Pisapia, sei una merda, e spero che tutta la gente che finirà in ospedale sia sulla tua coscienza per sempre e che ti porti all’orrore dell’ansia e delle…

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